6 Tips For Managing Mail

Thinking back on all of my clients, whether they called me for help with organizing, home styling or home staging, they have all asked me to save them from the barrage of mail that sneaks into thier house on a daily basis.

Below are 6 tips that will solve your mail woes permanently:

1. Sort Immediately – Don’t bring junk mail into the house. Have a recycle bin near the mail slot or near the door that you enter, and toss flyers, solicitations or catalogues that are junk.

2. Drop Zone – Have a designated area where mail will be processed.

3. Shred It – Keep a shredder at your drop zone, and shred any mail that contains bank account numbers or other vital personal information.

4. Open It – Open mail immediately and recycle excess paper (envelopes, flyers). You don’t have to “deal” with the opened mail, but it should be placed into three separate folders or desktop sorters in the following categories:
a. Bills
b. Response Required
c. Filing

5. Magazines – These should be grouped together by reader (mom’s, dad’s, kids etc) and placed next to their favorite reading chair. If they haven’t been read by the time the next magazine arrives, replace the old with the new.

6. Review It - Glance over due dates on bills, invitations etc. so that you can make a mental note of when you need to sit down and process the opened, sorted mail.  If a mental note doesn’t work for you, buy a small desktop calendar and circle the key dates.

Junk mail cotinues to be a burden, not only for us, but for our environment as well.  Click on this post to read about how to Reduce Junk Mail.

*All products below can be found at See Jane Work
*Image above is from BHG.com

This desktop organizer is great for sorting your opened mail.

The Basic File Box fits easily on or under your desk and can house papers that you want to access often such as team schedules, receipts for items you may return, or papers pertaining to a current project.

For the “Review It” stage of organizing your mail – circle due dates for bills, so you’re sure to pay them on time.

If you tend to be a “Piler” invest in these Basic Letter Trays and label them with their respective duty (Bills, Response Required or To File).

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  1. EllieMom says:

    This has always been a point of contention in our house. I especially like the idea of putting magazines where we’re more apt to read them. Otherwise they’ll sit on my desk and never be touched. Thanks for the post!

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